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The Benefits of a Distributed Audio System for Restaurants

Create the Perfect Dining Experience with a High-Performance Restaurant Sound System

The Benefits of a Distributed Audio System for Restaurants

Music and audio play a critical component in a restaurant’s ambiance and the customer experience, yet not every restaurant sound system is created equal. 

A survey by Vixxo found that, while over half of Americans choose their restaurant based on menu options, as expected, about 38% said the overall experience, including the atmosphere, is the deciding factor. Another study conducted at the University of South Florida found that the volume of music directly impacted food choices, with quiet music driving more mindful food selections and loud music leading to options like burgers and fries. 

Let’s explore how operators are enhancing the guest experience with distributed audio systems in Garden City, UT, and the surrounding areas.

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The Experience

Along with the lighting and décor, nothing sets the mood more than a restaurant sound system. Whether it’s piping the high-performance sound of a live band throughout the dining area or playing songs softly in the background as your guests dine and converse, your sound system creates the soundtrack to your business.

One of the essential considerations is staying true to your brand’s voice and playing music that aligns with your desired dining aesthetic. When done correctly, guests come in for the food and drinks and stay for the perfectly curated mood while talking, listening to music, watching a game, and otherwise enjoying themselves.

For those concerned about their décor, quality sound doesn't have to translate to floorstanding speakers that take up space or detract from your design motif. Instead, today's top manufacturers create architectural speakers that disappear into walls and ceilings. 

The Control

All of your media sources are located in an out-of-the-way AV rack with one interface to control everything. There’s no need for multiple remotes that inevitably get lost behind the bar or in an employee’s pocket. 

You’ll have one designated spot that’s convenient for your staff to manage settings without being obtrusive. Audio/video signals are distributed to the speakers throughout your restaurant, and the entire system is controlled via a touchscreen or remote. Managers and floor staff can select different audio sources for separate zones of your building, so patrons can enjoy a quiet dining experience in one area or become part of a rowdy cheering section in another.

Your system can manage more than audio, too, which is great if you have multiple TV displays in your establishment. For instance, you can use the system to tune into a live sporting event in the bar area, bringing the big game to life on multiple screens. Stream the “Dinnertime” playlist in the primary dining area while outdoor guests enjoy your "Dining Alfresco" playlist in the patio area. 

Each zone is individually manageable with a few taps of a button, and if you want to set the entire restaurant to one audio/video source, no problem! You have complete control over your restaurant with a new distributed sound system, and you can instantly set the mood for every occasion and area of your restaurant.

The Placement & Calibration

Professional installation and calibration of your speakers ensure every guest benefits from your new system and that no guest becomes uncomfortable because it's too loud. Our AV experts have extensive experience with commercial audio/video and will assess your space to determine the right number of speakers and their ideal placement, so you’ll have even sound coverage that reaches every corner.

We have decades of experience providing high-performance audio to our clients, helping them find the best solutions for their unique situations. To learn more about installing a restaurant sound system for your space or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Lynn’s Audio Video today.

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