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Experience the Luxury of Motorized Shades in Logan, UT

Enjoy ultimate privacy and comfort throughout your Utah home with just a single command or a tap of a button.

Effortless Convenience

Whether you're enjoying an afternoon nap, watching a movie in the home theater, or preparing for a weeklong trip, motorized shades offer unparalleled convenience. With a simple press of a button, you can lower shades across multiple windows, rooms, or even the entire house.

Motorized window treatments allow you to fill your home with natural sunlight during the day and automatically lower the shades after sunset for privacy. Discover the customizable shading options available through our smart home solutions.


Switches + Keypads

Adjust shades with wall-mounted programmable switches and keypads.


Schedule your smart shades to activate automatically based on time of day or the position of the sun.


Manage window treatments alongside lights, entertainment, and more with a smart remote.


Touch and swipe on intuitive touch panels for effortless control of motorized shading.

Voice Control

“Hey Josh, please lower the shades, it’s warm in here.” That’s all it takes to manage your smart shades with just your voice.  


Remotely control your motorized shades from anywhere you have an internet connection with an app.


    • Thermostats: Coordinating smart shading with thermostats to lower your shades in summer, making your home more comfortable and efficient  

    • Smart Lighting: Set the perfect ambiance with lighting personalized ‘scenes’ that automate lights and motorized shades in unison.

    • Voice Control: Use your favorite voice assistant for hands-free shading control, helpful for managing skylights and out-of-reach windows.

    • Security: Automate shades to raise and lower when you’re away, simulating occupancy and deterring potential intruders.

    • Smart Sensors: Motion and sunlight sensors cue window coverings to adjust automatically without having to lift a finger.

    • Geofencing:As your car approaches or you walk through the front door, motorized blinds automatically adjust to your preferred settings for your arrival.


    Imagine your home adjusting its temperature effortlessly without you needing to manually adjust the thermostat or AC. Motorized blinds and shades provide insulation against heat gain and drafts, saving more energy than ever, benefiting both the planet and your wallet.

    Motorized shades also save time. No more walking from room to room to adjust shades; everything is done with a single command or automated schedule.


    Greet your mornings with the invigorating glow of natural sunlight, then easily reduce glare with a simple command. Select from a variety of fabrics and opacities to customize your smart shades according to your functional and stylistic needs.

    "About 30% of a home's heating energy is lost through windows. In cooling seasons, about 76% of sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat. Window coverings can help with this loss of energy by providing comfort, regulating temperatures, and lowering energy bills."
    Light Control

    Create an optimal level of natural light with light-filtering shades that adjust automatically with the sun’s position.

    Enjoy privacy at home without manual effort. Lower or close blinds and shades at sunset or whenever you don’t want visibility inside your home.
    Reduce Heat Gain
    During hot Utah summer days, motorized shades can filter or block the sun, keeping your home cooler and more comfortable.
    Reducing Heating Costs
    Honeycomb-style window shades provide insulation to keep warmth in on cold winter days, and they can be lowered with one touch.
    Sound Insulation
    Thicker drapery window treatments help soften room acoustics and soundproofing, and you can effortlessly control them with your smart home system.
    UV Protection
    Protect interior finishes and decor from fading and damage from UV rays with smart shades controlled by schedules and sensors.


    The beauty of custom window treatments is in the details. We collaborate with premium vendors to provide shades, drapes, and blinds for any window size, from floor-to-ceiling windows to skylights and even curved walls.

    Beyond shape and size, you can choose from a wide range of quality fabrics, materials, and opacities. Dual-roller shades let you alternate between sheer and blackout options, giving you complete control over your environment.


    Discover your options and create a custom motorized shading solution that matches your unique style and preferences.
    1. Determine Your Needs
    • Privacy: Semi-opaque shades can be suitable for some spaces, whereas fully opaque or blackout shades are more fitting for others. Evaluate the privacy requirements in bedrooms, bathrooms, and similar areas.
    • Light Control: Do you want complete darkness in the mornings, or do you like having some sunlight seep in?
    • Energy Efficiency: Honeycomb motorized blinds offer window insulation, helping to keep your rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
    • Safety: If you have young children or pets, consider cordless motorized blinds to remove the hazards of strangulation or choking.
    2. Consider the Room Type
    • Living Rooms: Opt for sheer curtains or drapes to let light filter in while maintaining privacy.
    • Bedrooms: Use motorized blackout curtains or cellular honeycomb shades to block light and provide extra privacy.
    • Kitchens: Wood blinds and Roman shades are practical, stylish, and easy to clean.
    • Bathrooms: Choose moisture-resistant options like vinyl shades or faux wood blinds for durability and style.
    3. Style and Decor
    • Modern/Contemporary: Enhance sleek designs with roller shades, panel track blinds, or cellular shades in neutral colors and minimalist fabrics.
    • Traditional: Choose rich textures and deep colors with Roman shades, elegant drapery, or wood blinds. Silk, velvet, or brocade drapes add luxury.
    • Rustic/Farmhouse: Use organic materials like wood blinds, woven wooden blinds, or bamboo for a cozy, rustic feel. Layering adds warmth.
    • Eclectic: Combine bold patterns, vibrant colors, and varying opacities, balancing with neutral elements for harmony.
    • Industrial: Pair exposed brick and metal features with metal blinds, wooden shutters, or neutral-toned roller shades.
      4. Material and Durability
      • Moisture Resistance: For kitchens and bathrooms, choose materials like vinyl, faux wood, and aluminum that resist warping and mold.
      • Sunlight and UV Protection: Use fade-resistant solar shades and curtains to protect furnishings from UV damage in sunny rooms.
      • Insulation: Cellular (honeycomb) blinds and thermal curtains provide insulation, keeping rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
      • Ease of Cleaning: Opt for synthetic materials that are easy to wipe down with a damp cloth, while curtains may require more frequent laundering.
      • Safety and Durability: Choose cordless, motorized window treatments to ensure safety for children and pets and select durable materials for longevity.
      Shading Honeycomb
      Shading Pleatedshades
      Shading Rollershades
      Shading Romanblinds
      Shading Sheers
      Shading Thermaldrapes
      Shading Valences
      Shading Venetianblinds
      Shading Verticalblinds
      Shading Woodenblinds


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