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Escape the Cloud With On-Site Home Security

Protect Your Home and Family With Security You Control

Escape the Cloud With On-Site Home Security

Lynn’s Audio Video is your local Home Security expert for surveillance, alarm, and monitoring. Cloud focused products and services carry a lot of concern about privacy and integrity. There have been many headlines about breaches into centralized cloud based services and while they are more affordable we do have in-home options to give you better control and more privacy. On-site home security gives you complete control over your cameras, sensors, and monitoring. This cuts out the risk of third party owned server vulnerabilities and protects against general attacks on an entire service leaving you out of the most high profile data breaches.

Own Your Home Security

With in-home solutions you have control of everything, from the devices themselves to their settings and storage. Your security is controlled on-site with your network and your own equipment allowing you more flexibility and peace of mind. We can easily integrate our systems into smart homes or set you up with a simple and direct configuration that does exactly what you want it to.

The advantages of an in-home system include:

  • No subscription necessary
  • Owning your equipment
  • You own your data
  • Only one person has complete access, you!
  • You delegate any access and set rules and permissions
  • Single point of entry, your home internet
  • Better hardware, more robust and reliable
  • Unlimited configurations and add-ons
  • Local support from industry professionals


We have professional grade products for your home system that give you an edge over consumer grade brands. 360 degree HD cameras with night vision, every sensor you can imagine, and integrated alarms systems. All this can be routed and managed through your mobile device giving you peace of mind wherever you are.

IC Realtime Authorized Dealer - Simple Setup, Advanced Technology
IC Realtime Authorized Dealer - Simple Setup, Advanced Technology

If you want to take advantage of owning your own security system and having complete control let Lynn’s Audio Video help you. We provide on-site consultation and can design and setup any system you desire. Protect your family, assets, and peace of mind with professional grade equipment that puts you in the driver seat.

Call now to find out how your local security experts can help you with design, installation, and service: 435-752-6564

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