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Google Drops Nest Camera Quality

Why is Your Google Nest Camera Feed So Terrible Suddenly?

We’re all staying home now and using up our internet bandwidth more than ever. Streaming, surfing, and even our security systems are taking up valuable space on the internet pipeline. Comcast’s infrastructure isn’t going to blow anytime soon, but the strain is causing companies like Google to modify their products and service during this strange time. Google announced recently that they will be dropping the default recording quality of their Google Nest products, specifically their camera enabled devices. You’ll probably be receiving a phone or email notification soon.

Why is Google changing our recording quality and are you forced to miss out on what that license plate read?

Short answer: Google is proactively limiting the bandwidth we are all now using, especially during extended home living and you are not stuck in case you need to worry about your security.

Google is only changing the default recording quality of its devices for the time being. You can easily modify this default setting if you already haven’t done so. While it is definitely thoughtful of others to limit our bandwidth, and some cloud based security systems are notorious for hogging bandwidth, you need not worry. Upping your own bandwidth will not cause a massive disruption and you’ll most likely only notice it slightly on your end. Google’s defaulting the cameras to lower quality recordings is only temporary and easily reversible.

How do I Change My Nest Camera Quality Back to High?


  • Open the Nest App
  • Find the Settings gear icon in the top-right corner
  • Open your Device and tap "Quality and Bandwidth"
  • Adjust your settings to what you find appropriate
Return your Nest Camera Quality back to normal
Return your Nest Camera Quality back to normal


Depending on what your needs are you may not need a high quality video feed. However, you may find yourself in many circumstances, especially during a crisis, that you feel it is necessary. You can of course modify your settings per-device and only concern yourself with the most important cameras.

Another Way

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