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Discover the Key Elements in a Custom Home Theater Project

Draw Your Family Together With the Ultimate Home Entertainment

Discover the Key Elements in a Custom Home Theater Project

Today’s customized home theater offers an experience that, at one time, could only be found in commercial cinemas. Advanced technology has transformed what’s possible, enabling our audio-video experts at Lynn’s Audio Video to craft a home theater that rivals your local multiplex.

These theaters do more than deliver realistic images and stunning sound. When designed, engineered, and installed correctly, they create an environment that allows you to suspend your disbelief and leave the confines of the room, transporting you to the world unfolding on your screen. 

Are you ready to experience the ultimate home entertainment in your home in Garden City, UT? Let’s dive into the key elements of a home theater project.

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The Immersive Surround Sound

What comes to mind when you think about the last time you enjoyed a movie in a local cinema? You may see the impressive images, but the element that truly transports you is the sound you feel as well as hear. What started in Brave, the Disney Pixar animated film, is now found in home theaters, and it’s called Dolby Atmos.

This revolutionary object-based surround sound technology delivers a three-dimensional enveloping sound stage. Every sound is a separate object placed within the sound field. This ultra-realistic sound allows your brain to suspend disbelief and feel like what you’re watching is real.  

Through strategic installation and calibration of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, you experience the full dynamic range, from the intense special effects to the near whispers and emotional timbre. Acoustic paneling and soundproofing ensure you’re not distracted from the “I’m there” experience with reverberations or outside sound bleeding through.

The Lifelike Image

Today’s laser 4K projectors offer incredibly lifelike images with rich blacks, breathtaking colors, and realistic textures. You enjoy crystal-clear images across the entire screen that take you into the storyline.

Not every home theater requires an optimized movie screen and projector. You may prefer 4K ultra-high-definition large flat-panel TVs that disappear when not in use. Thanks to today’s technology, nearly limitless options await you when planning the home theater of your dreams. 

Customized for You

At Lynn’s Audio Video, every home theater is unique, tailored to your vision, lifestyle, and how you plan on using your home entertainment mecca! While tiered custom plush recliners offer extreme comfort, some clients prefer relaxing in chaise lounges, sectionals, and gaming chairs. Our goal is to make this the favorite room in your home, and that requires a personalized approach.

No matter your preferences, we’ll ensure a space where every seat is optimized to enjoy breathtaking pictures and sound. You and your friends and family will enjoy an enveloping home theater, whether watching movies, enjoying a sporting event, or battling the kids in a video game

The Magic of Automation

By incorporating today’s home automation, you enjoy one-touch control of your home theater. Press a button, and the movie screen descends, the sound surrounds you, the credits roll, and the lights dim.

At Lynn’s Audio Video, we’re committed to creating home theaters that draw your family together where you create priceless memories. To learn more about starting your home theater project or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Lynn’s Audio Video today.

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