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Today’s Outdoor Sound System Offers a Blanket of Sound

Enjoy Crystal-Clear Music Throughout Your Property

Today’s Outdoor Sound System Offers a Blanket of Sound

We’re fortunate to live in a beautiful setting, with the turquoise waters of Bear Lake at our doorsteps and 100 miles of trails to roam. Sometimes, however, it’s our own backyards in Garden City, UT, that bring the greatest enjoyment. It’s walking out to the patio in the morning with the first cup of coffee when the forsythia, lilacs, and daffodils are in bloom. It’s an outdoor gathering with friends and family, enjoying great food, good company, and the beauty only nature can provide.

As we extend our living spaces, one of the growing-in-popularity entertainment options is an outdoor sound system. These are a far cry from the big boom boxes once lugged out to the backyard. Thanks to technological advancements and high-performance audio manufacturers entering the outdoor arena, you can expect the same high-quality sound you enjoy indoors.

Let’s explore how these outdoor systems deliver the ultimate entertainment.

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Music that Fills the Air

When our audio comes from one source, it delivers extremely loud music for those in its immediate area, and a barely heard melody for guests sitting further away. Unfortunately, all too often, this entertainment solution gets turned off due to causing too much trouble and hindering conversations.

Today’s outdoor sound system changes that.

At Lynn’s Audio Video, we've developed great relationships with audio manufacturers over the 65-plus years we've served Utah. These extensive partnerships enable us to select the perfect sound system for your unique needs, from cozy patios to expansive estates. 

These systems are designed to deliver premium audio for the great outdoors. From strategically installed satellite landscape speakers nestled into foliage and under trees to impressive bollard loudspeakers with a sleek, minimalist design, you experience pitch-perfect clarity and brilliant sound. 

Combined with in-ground subwoofers, you feel the bass as well as hear it. When tuning into your favorite songs, you’ll experience unparalleled performance, from the highest treble to the lowest bass, music that feels alive and compelling and provides perfectly even coverage throughout your entire outdoor area.    

Integrated for Effortless Control

When integrated with your home automation platform and whole-home audio system, you experience effortless control and immense enjoyment. At Lynn’s Audio Video, we partner with Savant, a world leader in luxury home automation. Their on-demand entertainment includes the most popular music streaming services and a high-resolution touchscreen that displays your many audio sources, including vinyl, CDs, and music servers. 

Select the source and your outdoor area and enjoy beautiful music. You can also choose the entire home for one incredible sound throughout your property.

At Lynn’s Audio Video, our team of audio-video and home automation experts create entertainment spaces that enhance our clients’ everyday lives, delivering customized solutions that become the favorite room or outdoor retreat. 

Of course, hearing these incredible speakers is much better than reading about them. Visit our 10,000-square-foot showroom that includes an audio room, two home theaters, home automation, and much more. To learn more about the many options in an outdoor sound system or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Lynn’s Audio Video today.

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