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Work Smarter, Not Harder, With Commercial Automation Solutions

Integrated Boardroom Technology Helps Your Business Grow

Work Smarter, Not Harder, With Commercial Automation Solutions

Running a company in Logan, Utah today means you have to roll with the punches. You need a dynamic business model that can change with the market. A similar principle applies to your boardroom. One-touch controls should transform your conference space into a functional area where you can conduct staff meetings, greet clients and plan for the future. In this blog, we’ll show you three ways commercial automation technology can help improve your boardroom. Read on to learn more.

Projector and Screen

One of the most efficient means of delivering high-impact information to your clients and employees is by implementing visual media into your meetings. A traditional projector and screen may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it’s still among the best ways to capture attention during your presentations.

A high-lumen projector will offer plenty of brightness, even in rooms with a lot of ambient light. Ultra HD displays can help you isolate every detail, and high-dynamic range capabilities will make your presentations pop. In addition to the technology itself, projectors are perfect because they are typically small enough to hide away when not in use, via a retractable mechanism in the ceiling or table.

Moreover, high-contrast screens can be integrated to combat ambient light. Unlike typical white screens, which reflect back the most light and are perfect for completely dark rooms, high-contrast screens are usually dark gray or black. They are available in both rigid and cloth materials for entirely visible images in everything but direct sunlight.

Lighting and Shading

While a light-resistant projector and screen combination can do wonders for your presentations, it’s also important to invest in integrated lighting and shading for your boardroom. Not only will you be able to enjoy enhanced visuals in your meetings, but you’ll also save energy and increase privacy in your spaces.

One-touch controls for the lights can help you craft a perfect environment for projected materials, and when integrated with the shades they can make your meetings more secure and confidential. Lower the shades along the outward-facing windows to block out the sun and along the inner windows to avoid undue distractions. Illuminate the back of the room to maintain visibility and darken the front for a perfect image. You’ll host a more productive meeting and save energy while doing it.

Climate Control

If reducing energy costs is important to your business, Lutron says that lighting dimmers can save up to 60 percent on electricity expenditures. Moreover, smart climate control can keep your staff comfortable without raising costs.

Adjust temperatures from your smartphone or tablet to keep everyone cool in the summer and integrate smart shading with the thermostat to raise the shades and let in the warmth of the sun during the winter months. That will keep everyone attentive and productive throughout the day.

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