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Take Advantage of Technology in a Picture Perfect Home Theater

Your Hyrum Property Looks Even Better With Home Audio Video Solutions

Take Advantage of Technology in a Picture Perfect Home Theater

Between all of the summer movies hitting the screen and the start of football season right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to upgrade your home audio video system with a dedicated home theater. If you’re interested in the sharpest displays, the crispest sound and a room that’s designed to optimize your experience, this blog is for you. From stunning 4K resolution to immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound, we detail the solutions that make your AV system look and sound better than ever. Read on for more.

Ultra HD Picture

Among the most significant developments in home theater technology is the advent of 4K, or “Ultra HD” as it’s commonly known. Displays with the technology offer four times the resolution of the now-standard 1080p HD. That means if you’re sitting in your home theater more than 10 feet away from the screen, you’ll notice a big difference in picture clarity.

Along with a traditional projector-and-screen combination, a major advancement of UHD displays is that televisions have gotten much larger. While some enthusiasts love the look of a projected image because it more accurately re-creates the feeling of being in a movie theater, many modern fans enjoy the convenience of a massive 120-inch flat-panel display.

Immersive Audio

In addition to a clearer picture, there’s also been a tremendous leap forward in the world of sound. Historically, the surround sound system in your home was far less compelling than what you would hear in a commercial theater. The reason: your surround sound system could only produce audio from pre-determined channels. You may hear an actor’s voice in front of you, and a car driving away behind you, but the sounds couldn’t encompass the space due to the limits of the technology.

But Dolby Atmos has changed all that. Dolby, and other manufacturers of immersive audio formats, have begun to revolutionize the way sound is heard in your home theater. They’ve provided the ability of professional mixers to treat each sound like an object, and move it freely across the audio plane. When you play a movie with Dolby Atmos encoding on a compatible sound system, the sound objects can move freely across the room like they would in real life.

Moreover, the entire configuration of the surround sound system has been changed. With Atmos, speakers are placed in front of, to the side of and behind the viewer -- as in a traditional system. But additional speakers are also installed above the viewer, creating a bubble of sound. Atmos utilizes the natural audial reflections of your space to immerse you fully in the world of your program.

Are you ready to experience the impeccable image and sound of an upgraded home audio video system? Contact us today!

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