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How Smart Lighting Design Merges Art & Technology

Experience the Beauty & Smart Control of Today’s Residential Lighting Design

How Smart Lighting Design Merges Art & Technology

Interior design considers furnishings, artwork, wall colors, and decorative displays. One of the most important elements, however, is the light that illuminates it all and brings out their best features. 

As residential lighting design experts serving Eden, UT, Lynn’s Audio Video understands the importance of a home's lighting. A light’s brightness, color, and strength can profoundly affect a home's mood and the people living there. It can make a room feel warm and welcoming— or unapproachable. It draws attention to the home’s most impressive aspects and sets the stage for a family’s many activities.

Thanks to today’s smart home technology, your home's lights can instantly transform appearance. You're no longer limited to one hue and intensity. Now, your lights change for every occasion and mood. Let’s show you how.

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Enhancing a Home’s Beauty

Today, great lighting is a blend of art and technology. It optimizes natural light and enhances a space using a layered lighting approach, incorporating task, ambient, and accent lighting. It sets the mood desired by the homeowners while ensuring it functions expertly for the task at hand. 

At Lynn’s Audio Video, we partner with industry leaders in smart lighting and home automation. One of the brands, Control4, is a global leader in smart home integration. In 2022, they debuted their Vibrant Linear Lighting system, enabling an automated personal experience that elevates any environment.

Combined with skillful design, this LED accent lighting offers a diffused light that highlights architectural elements. With one touch, you can transform your lights to every color imaginable, creating a mood for every occasion, from an upbeat party atmosphere to a relaxed oasis. Our certified technicians can also program this lighting to automatically change throughout the day, mirroring the changing color of daylight and supporting enhanced energy during the day and a healthier sleep cycle at night.

Effortless Control of Light

When integrated with a Control4 home automation platform, you experience effortless control of daylight and electric light. One tap on a touchscreen or in-wall keypad turns off one or every light in your home and raises and lowers your motorized shades. These systems also work together, automatically dimming the lights in rooms enjoying the diffuse light of the sun.

Experience Smart Lighting for Yourself 

Of course, seeing is much better than hearing about the incredible technology available to homeowners. For this reason, we developed a 10,000-square-foot showroom featuring lighting and shading displays, Control4 home automation, two theater rooms, an audio room, and much more. Come visit us and experience this incredible lighting, shading, and control firsthand. 

Our family-owned business has provided our clients with the latest in lighting design and home automation for 65 years. We’re the only company in the state of Utah to offer their clients a full service and repair department for electronics. 

To learn more about residential lighting design and smart home control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Lynn’s Audio Video today.

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