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How Commercial Automation Make Your Restaurant Run Smoother

Simplify Service With Smart Technology

Restaurant owners in Providence, Utah know how important it is to drive new foot traffic into their establishment. The problem is, there are plenty of other restaurant owners in the area who know the exact same thing. That’s why it’s important to stand out – and commercial automation can help. From capturing the attention of potential customers to giving them a place to hang out and enjoy themselves, smart technology can help your eater shine. Read on for more.

Connecting a Network

Think your menu is the most important part of running a food joint? You’re only half right. Customers today are looking for more than a place to chow down; they’re looking for a place where they can comfortably spend their time. And for many, that means staying connected with friends and family.

A commercial network will allow them access to Wi-Fi services, while also keeping you in control of how they use it. Design a custom gateway that prompts them to agree to terms and conditions before use (and maybe even put an ad in front of them for additional revenue). The result is a happier, connected customer.

Plus, internet connections are for more than just satisfying clients. Integrate a secure private network that will allow you to conduct business over the internet without interfering with what your patrons are doing.

Take Advantage of Components

Once a network is in place, you can enable your staff to take advantage of different smart components throughout your spaces. Simply provide them with a control device, smartphone or tablet and allow them to customize the experience for each guest simply, quickly and effectively.

For example, a couple has walked into your establishment for a romantic date night. Though the sun is just setting, it’s still too bright for them to enjoy their meal comfortably at their window-side table. No problem, their server can simply press a button and lower the connected shades and the thermostat, while slightly raising the music volume on a connected audio system to give them a more private, romantic experience.

Similarly, connected monitors around the bar may be showing that day’s football game, but the guest at the end of the bar is from out of town. The bartender can easily switch a single monitor to that person’s home team game, encouraging him to stay longer and order more.

Commercial automation is a great idea that helps you craft a unique experience for each of your customers. Contact us today to learn more.

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