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Explore the Benefits and Styles of Motorized Shades

Experience More Natural Light While Increasing Privacy and Safety

Explore the Benefits and Styles of Motorized Shades

Consider your daily routine. For many, the day starts with opening their window coverings and enjoying the beauty of another day as the sun rises over Ogden, UT. Then, as the sun rises further, they lower the shades, protecting their home’s interior from harmful UV rays.

There is a much better way to manage natural light. Motorized shades perform these tasks for you while enhancing your home with the benefits and beauty of filtered sunlight. Let’s explore the many options and how these window coverings make life a little easier while elevating your home’s design.

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The Benefits of Motorized Shades

Motorized shades operate with the touch of a button, voice command, or automation schedule based on the time of day, position of the sun, and temperature. The shades rise as you wake and close when it’s bedtime. In addition to extreme convenience, they also offer the following features. 

Privacy and Protection

These shades can be programmed to lower when darkness arrives, ensuring privacy for you and your family. They can also automatically lower when you leave your home for the day and then randomly adjust to make it look like someone’s home, deterring potential thieves.

Motorized shades also protect your home from harmful UV rays by closing when the sun enters directly through the windows. This direct light can damage and fade photographs, artwork, furniture, and floors.

A Safer Option

Motorized shades eliminate the need for cords, making them safer for homes with children or pets. These cords or strings can be a safety hazard and result in accidental choking or strangulation. 

A Greener Home

At Lynn’s Audio Video, we partner with Lutron, the global industry leader in smart lighting control. Their shades offer ‘Winter Warm,’ a functionality that opens the shades over the southern-facing windows, bringing in the warmth of sunlight. Conversely, ‘Summer Cool’ lowers the shades, reducing solar heat gain and HVAC usage.

They also open and close throughout the day, helping you take advantage of daylight. This natural light brings beauty to your home, revealing textures and colors in their truest form and uplifting a space with soft illumination. At the same time, it reduces the need for electric light, saving energy.

A Style for Every Aesthetic 

Lutron offers much more than roller shades. We’ll explore the many options and help you decide which ones best align with your home’s aesthetics and how you use each room. 

A few possibilities include custom draperies that run on a track system, Venetian or horizontal sheer blinds, and Roman or honeycomb shades. Tension shades offer the ideal solution for hard-to-reach skylights and architectural windows. These window coverings come in over 1,000 different fabrics curated from leading manufacturers worldwide. 

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of motorized shades? Visit us and see how they work firsthand! At Lynn’s Audio Video, we’ve created a 10,000-square-foot showroom to enable our clients to experience smart home automation. It features lighting, shading, and entertainment, allowing you to explore and discover the benefits for yourself. To learn more about the many options available or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Lynn’s Audio Video today.

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