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Enhance Outdoor Living with Today’s Outdoor Sound System

Bring Detailed, Immersive Audio to Every Corner of Your Backyard

Enhance Outdoor Living with Today’s Outdoor Sound System

Few things are more beautiful than Bear Lake, UT, in the summer. It’s the season of backyard barbeques, intimate family dinners, and large social gatherings. Pool and beachside parties extend long into the evening, firepits ignite, and hammocks fill with stargazers. 

It’s a season filled with memories.

And there’s one thing that can make all these memories a little better: music. Some of our favorite recollections start with a song we hear, taking us back to a special time—a full-moon evening with friends by the lake accompanied by the Zac Brown Band or soft jazz playing while dining al fresco on the patio. Music makes every moment a little better. 

Today’s outdoor sound system has transformed that listening experience. One-way audio has given way to an immersive experience, with music seemingly coming from everywhere and nowhere. It fills the air from corner to corner with no hot spots or dead zones. Some call it magical. 

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The Sound of Today’s Outdoor Audio Systems

As more homeowners broke the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living, leading audio-video manufacturers began building high-fidelity lines for outdoor entertainment. These brands have redefined what’s possible, creating speakers with components and materials that rival their indoor counterparts. 

The difference? These speakers are created to weather the great outdoors, from warm summers to cold and snowy winters. And they’re designed to blend into the landscape, looking like lighting fixtures or works of art. The result? Powerful, detailed music that’s concert-level quality—an outdoor soundscape that immerses the entire area in the beauty of high-performance sound.

The Installation

To create this level of outdoor entertainment, our AV experts at Lynn’s Audio Video start with a site survey. We’ll explore your needs and vision, where people tend to congregate, and the different zones that could benefit from independent sound. 

After all, not every family member wants to hear the same audio at the same time. The kids may tune into hip hop when hanging out by the pool, while another family member tunes into their favorite podcast in the gardens. These “zones” make this possible. 

We’ll determine the strategic location for speakers and in-ground subwoofers, ensuring a surround-sound experience that doesn’t disturb your neighbors. No matter where you or your guests roam, you enjoy beautiful, even sound coverage. 

The Control

Our audio systems are effortlessly controlled. Select the audio source from your favorite playlist or private media collection, the area you’d like to hear it in, and enjoy. The controls may be a high-resolution touchscreen, remote, smartphone, or voice.

At Lynn's Audio Video, each outdoor sound system is unique to the property and client. As an AV and home automation expert with over 65 years in the business, we've developed partnerships with leading brands, ensuring a customized approach that exceeds your expectations. To learn more about the many options in outdoor audio or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Lynn’s Audio Video today.

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