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Create Your Personalized Soundscape with a Whole-Home Audio System

Bring Music & Media to Every Area of Your Living Spaces

Create Your Personalized Soundscape with a Whole-Home Audio System

Music can uplift any moment, creating the perfect atmosphere for a special occasion or relaxing time spent together with loved ones. The same goes for movies and other forms of home entertainment. When you can liven up a room with high-end AV, you can make any space feel like home. So, how can you bring this elevated media to every corner of your home?

A whole-home audio system lets you extend your music and the high-end sound of all your media to your entire Pleasant View, UT, property. Create a seamless soundscape with just the tap of a button! Want to learn more about this distributed audio setup? Keep reading.

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Music in Every Room

With a distributed audio system, there is no limit to when and where you can enjoy your favorite tunes. Whole-home audio lets you simply press a button on your smart device and have music fill the entire space. Loudspeakers in your designated media or living room can deliver a robust and powerful performance, while in-wall and in-ceiling speakers bring your audio to every room, corner, and hallway.

With an integrated system, you’ll be able to manage every speaker using the same smart device! Using your smartphone, touchscreen tablet, or wall keypad, you can easily make changes to every aspect of your audio system. Stream personalized playlists, switch between albums, raise the volume, and decide which speakers play what. It’s all under your command!

Enhance Your Entertainment

Distributed audio means you can extend where you can enjoy your music—and any other form of media! If you’re watching a TV show in one room but still want to hear the dialogue as you go about your daily activities and chores, you can experience the audio in any room via in-wall speakers. Loudspeakers can amplify and create an immersive viewing experience for every movie and show, while the distributed speakers let you hear the media no matter what room you’re in.

Work with Our Team Today

At Lynn’s Audio Video, we prioritize how your home soundscape feels overall and benefits you and your entire household. We’ll implement speakers across your property and ensure that the end result is a cohesive audio system that reaches every room of your home, letting you manage it with ease! When you work with a team of professionals like ours, a high-end installation is guaranteed.


Want to find out more about bringing a whole home audio system to your property today? Give our team at Lynn’s Audio Video a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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